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Easter holiday celebrations, customs and traditions vary in different countries of the world.

Easter Around the World

Easter is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, celebrated throughout the world with great pomp and show. There are a few things, such as the Easter eggs, bunnies and chocolates that are common to Easter celebrations all over the world. Yet, we can see a glimpse of local traditions during the Easter festival in different parts of the world. Right from north to south and east to west, we find a tinge of local flavor in Easter celebrations in various countries across the world. In our write up about Easter celebrations around the globe, we have covered some really interesting and fascinating activities of the Easter occasion in the US, Australia, Europe, Mexico and other nations.

Easter in Europe
Like all other festivals and holidays, Easter is also celebrated in different fashions in different parts of the world. Many countries of Europe, celebrate Easter by lighting giant bonfires on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve.

Easter in England
Easter in England is celebrated through the exchange of Easter Eggs and other gifts like clothes, chocolates or holidays packages. Easter bonnets or baskets are also made that have fillings like daffodils in them.

Easter in Germany
In Germany, Easter is known by the name of Ostern. Easter holidays for children last for about three weeks. Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are the days when people do not work at all.

Easter in Australia
Australia is the land of people that belongs to a number of countries. Different people have brought in different traditions with them, due to which, Easter celebrations take place in a variety of ways.

Easter in Mexico
Semana Santa and Pascua (two separate observances) form a part of Easter celebrations in Mexico. Semana Santa stands for the entire Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday, whereas the Pascua is the observance of the period from the Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday.

Easter in US
Easter is one of the most popular festivals across the United States. Though Easter has a religious background, it has assumed to have more of a secular character in the United States.

Easter in Other Parts
Easter is known as Paques in France. The main celebration sets off on Good Friday with a somber note. To mourn the crucifixion of Christ, church bells are not rung for three days. On Easter morning, the children hurry into the garden to watch the bells "Fly back from Rome".

Easter in Brazil
In Brazil, Easter festivity is held with much grandeur and splendor. Unlike most of the other countries, Brazil has its Easter celebrations taking place in the autumn season, due to its geographical location.

Easter in France
The historic country of France celebrates Easter with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Known as Pâques in French, Easter is one of the major festivals in the country.

Easter in Greece
Known for practicing religious fervor through Orthodox Christianity, Greece observes Easter as its main religious festivity, according to the ancient Greek religious calendar.

Easter in India
India is a land of cultural diversity, where every festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Although Christians constitutes a meager 2.5% of the total population in India, the festivity of Easter is no less.

Easter in Italy
Dominated by the Christian faith, Italy celebrates Easter with great fanfare and vigor. Known as 'Pasqua' in Italian, Easter makes the entire country have fun with games and concerts.

Easter in Norway
In Norway, the Eastertide starts early i.e. a day before the commencement of the Lent season. This day is known as 'Vastelavent' or 'Schrovetide'. It is from this day that Norwegians start celebrating the upcoming festive occasion, spring season and a new working year.

Easter in Poland
Poland is known all over the world for its faith in Orthodox Christianity. Hence, the country celebrates Easter in a very conventional style, mainly adhering to the traditional ways.

Easter in Romania
In Romania, Easter is celebrated as per the rituals followed by the Eastern Orthodox Church. High spirits and festive mood engulfs the country on Easter. The celebrations begin almost a week before Easter Day.

Easter in Russia
Russia has an amalgamation of Western Christians and Eastern Orthodox Christians and hence, celebrates Easter according to both the ways. However, taking into consideration the fact that even the basic thing of celebration i.e. the date of the festival is different for both the sects; the task seems to be quite tough.

Easter in Spain
Easter is regarded as the most important festival in Spain. Known as 'Semana Santa' in Spanish, it is an occasion of celebration and merriment. The celebrations start with 'Domingo de Ramos', or Palm Sunday, and finish with 'Lunes de Pascua', or Easter Monday.

Easter in Sweden
In Sweden, Easter is more than just a festival. It is religious occasion that is celebrated with great splendor and glory. The grandeur of the festival is seen from the fact that a week before Easter, the entire country revels in the Eastertide festivities and shops are gaily decorated in festive symbols.

Easter in Switzerland
Easter calls for a time to celebrate and rejoice the resurrection of Jesus, in all the parts of the world. When it comes to Easter celebrations, Switzerland is not far behind.

Easter in Canada
A major festival in Canada, Easter is celebrated with much magnificence and elaboration. It is a time for attending church and spending quality time with family and friends.

Easter in New Zealand
Easter celebrations in New Zealand have become more secular over the years as the festival is more about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits. People assume the holiday to be a lovely long weekend.

Easter in the Netherlands
Known as Pass Zondag in Dutch, Easter is associated with special meals in the Netherlands. The cross forms the main symbol of Easter that is decorated with flowers or young leaves.

Easter in Denmark
Known as Påske in Danish, Easter is the most important festival in the Scandinavian region of Denmark. It is celebrated with colorful traditions that form a part of the national heritage of Denmark.

Easter in Hungary
The springtime festival of Easter is celebrated with folk traditions in Hungary. The Easter eggs are considered to be more of a decorative item as part of the Hungary Easter traditions.

Easter in Israel
Thousands of pilgrims and tourists travel from across the world to Israel to celebrate the holy festival of Easter in the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Holy fire lights and candles symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ here.