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This article deals with Easter rituals and customs that are common to all countries. Read on to learn all about the Easter traditions.

Easter Rituals

Christians gather in churches across the world to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. The celebrations vary from region to region as people indulge in eating chocolate bunnies, going on Easter egg hunts and meeting family and friends. Apart from the resurrection of the Lord, Easter also marks the coming of the bright and colorful spring season after the dull and lifeless winter. Every country has its own traditional way of observing the holy occasion. However, there are some rituals and customs that are common to almost all countries throughout. Read on further to know about the common rituals and traditions of Easter.

Easter Traditions

Coloring Eggs
Eggs play a major role in Easter celebrations across the world. Right from the elaborately decorated eggs in Ukraine to the crimson colored ones in Greece; eggs symbolize the victory of good over evil. The eggs are either dyed using different natural colors or decorated using a variety of things, such as stickers, glue, glitter, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons and so on. A number of simple and intricate patterns and designs are also made on the eggs. Apart from the natural chicken eggs, even chocolate and plastic eggs are beautifully decorated.

Easter Egg Hunt
Egg hunt is a traditional festive activity organized on Easter for kids. In this festivity, eggs are hidden all around the house. Children need to run around and find all the eggs hidden. The one who manages to unravel the most number of eggs is declared as the winner. The eggs used in the activity are either real hard-boiled ones or artificial ones filled with or made of chocolate candies. The Easter egg hunt is popular all across the world. A number of games and contests are held wherein the winners are awarded with Easter goodies.

Easter Carnivals & Parades
Easter is regarded as a holiday season in many countries. In countries like Brazil and Canada, carnivals are the main attractions of Easter. Preparations are done over a period of months. Passion and religious plays are also a traditional ritual in some countries like Germany. These plays portray the last days of Jesus and His resurrection. Easter parades are also a common custom in some countries marked by people walking down the streets to and from the church during the holy week.

Easter Church Service
Since times immemorial, Easter services have become a popular ritual with regard to the celebration of the holy festival. Special services are held in churches to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus which includes chanting hymns and singing prayers to honor Jesus Christ. The service can last from an hour to even six hours, depending upon the country. Many churches begin celebrating Easter late in the evening of Holy Saturday through a service called Easter Vigil. Large candles are carried by the entire gathering to remember Christ and His sacrifice.