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Chocolate eggs are liked by all on the festival of Easter. Find out more about choclate Easter egg.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Of all the delicacies served on the holy occasion of Easter, eggs form a major and vital part of the special meal. They even form a major gift item presented in the form of specially designed and prepared chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolate Easter eggs are liked by everyone; as they are not only highly tempting, but even serve as the traditional sweet of the occasion. Owing to their popularity and age-old existence, chocolate Easter eggs are available in a wide variety in the markets. Garnished and stuffed with various embellishments, these Easter eggs are a delight, the taste of which has the propensity to make your celebration purely special. So, this Easter if you wish to make someone feel absolutely special and out of this world or if you want to give yourself a treat, do not forget to lay your hands on one of those delicious chocolate Easter eggs. Some of the best Chocolate Easter egg preparations have been listed below.

Popular Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Divine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Gourmet egg filled with lots of tiny solid chocolate eggs
  • Dark Chocolate Easter Egg - A suave and elegant dark chocolate egg made from 64% cocoa dark chocolate
  • Tesco White Chocolate Crème Brulee Egg - Huge white chocolate egg with crunchy butterscotch bits
  • Sainsburys Taste the Difference Fruit and Nut Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg - Egg with chopped nuts and odd raisin mixed into pretty decent chocolate
  • Rococo White Chocolate Easter Egg - Contains 28 per cent cocoa solids with a kick of vodka into a goose-egg size
  • Smooth Praline Egg Sandwich - 40% cocoa milk chocolate shells decorated to look like an egg, pressed into slices of praline milk chocolate.
  • The Chocolate Empire Handmade Organic Earl Grey Easter Egg - A unique combination of bergamot and milk chocolate
  • Moo Free Chocolates Organic Vegan & Dairy Free Dark Easter Egg - Dark chocolate egg made with 73 per cent cocoa
  • Green and Blacks Milk Egg with Miniature Chocolate Bars - Your favorite chocolate flavor egg
  • Chocolate Alchemist Milk Chocolate Nut Jeweled Egg - Luscious milk chocolate egg garnished with almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.
  • James Chocolates Single Origin Ecuador Dark Chocolate Egg - 70 per cent chocolate and less sugar egg
  • Booja Booja Large Ginger Wine Truffle Egg - Ginger stem and dark chocolate organic truffles inside wooden eggs, hand painted in Kashmir
  • Creamed Caramel Egg Sandwich - Slices of milk chocolate fused with white chocolate and studded with caramel drops are sandwiched between two caramel milk chocolate shells
  • Caramel Scrambled Egg & Salted Caramels - A milk caramel chocolate with six salted caramels