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Easter decorations form an important part of Easter celebrations. Decorations on Easter party include Easter Bunnies, colorful Easter eggs and ribbons.

Easter Decorations

One of the most significant festivals of Christians, Easter is celebrated with much grandeur and pomp all across the world. The occasion marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It also symbolizes the onset of the spring season. Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, marshmallows, hot-cross buns, baskets, candies, lilies and cards make the main symbols of this festive occasion. Feasting, get-togethers, decorations, partying, games, etc, form the main attractions of the holy holiday. You can find people greeting one another and conveying their best wishes to one and all. Easter is one of those Christian holidays where decoration has an important place.

Indeed, it is one of the best opportunities to spruce up your home décor and get a new look. Easter decorations can be found in the form of Easter bunnies, colorful Easter eggs, ribbons and many other things. As a part of their Easter decorations and games, children make all kinds of colorful Easter eggs and napkin paper decorations and many more things. Besides, other items of decoration like time pieces, wall hangings, poster of Jesus are also very popular. Find different ideas for Easter decorations in this section. Go ahead and enjoy your Easter bash!

Easter Eggs Decorations
Easter eggs are the main symbol of this festival. You can decorate them in different colors and patterns, depending upon your choice.

Easter Paper Decorations
Paper decorations are very common and easy to make. They are quite popular on Easter and you can find everyone engaged in making different paper decorations for the festival.

Easter Basket Decorations
Baskets are yet another integral part of Easter celebrations. Apart from a customary connotation, they also beautify your home décor with a religious touch.

Easter Bunny Decorations
A very important symbol of Easter, the bunny has been associated with this festival since times immemorial. Bunnies are used as decorations, be it toys, chocolates, cards or cakes.

Easter Church Decoration
Churches too are decorated miraculously to suit the mood of the festivity. They are adorned heavily right from inside to outside with a variety of ornaments and decorative pieces.

Easter Table Decoration
While houses are beautifully decorated, tables too are not left behind. They are embellished with various centerpieces, flowers, tablecloths, mats and cutlery, of course.