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Egg hunts are the popular activities performed on Easter. Check out the ideas for egg hunt games given below.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt forms an integral part of Easter celebrations. It is a fun filled traditional activity, ensuring that the day is action-packed. Egg hunt is usually organized for kids to engage them in an activity, while the parents take out time to relax with their family, friends and associates. An egg hunt is basically a game, wherein a number of decorated eggs, real hard-boiled or artificial, filled with or made of chocolate candies are hidden in a specified area. The children in the house are required to find them. After the hunt is over, the kids are given prizes as per the predetermined rules and regulations. The egg hunt allows the host to organize it as per his own comfort. You can customize it in various different ways to make it more exciting and challenging for the kids. The Easter egg hunt serves as a sport for both the kids and the parents, who witness their kids vying to grab prizes. Given below are some fascinating ideas for egg hunt games.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
  • To begin an egg hunt game, get plastic eggs from the market and stuff them with small toys, jellybeans, coins, stickers, beads, stamps, key chains and candies.
  • While conducting the egg hunt, keep the age of the children in mind. This way, everybody will get a fair chance. For the little ones, keep the hunt easy and safe. Do not hide eggs at places which might prove risky for them.
  • To avoid any conflicts or mishap, keep somebody on the watch, during the hunt.
  • Now before beginning, hide these eggs outside or inside the house, as per your wish. Make sure the places you hide the eggs are accessible by kids easily.
  • You can fill a basket with eggs and ask the children to search it in a group. To make the quest interesting, give them an egg with a clue inside, which will lead to other eggs with clue, until they finally find the basket. After this, the eggs can be distributed amongst the kids.
  • You may also choose to write even and odd numbers on the eggs and hide them. Give every child a number and ask the child to find the eggs, which falls in his/ her series.
  • You can designate each color to a child and ask him to find the eggs with the same color. Also, tell him the total number of eggs he is supposed to hunt for. The one who finds all the eggs first will be declared a winner and given a special prize.
  • Numbers or alphabets can be also written on the eggs. Designate the same numbers or alphabets to a packet of gifts. After the hunt is over, each child can grab the gift containing the same number or alphabet as his egg.