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Easter bonnet is a type of hat worn by women and girls. Given below are some ideas on how to make or craft an Easter bonnet.

Easter Bonnet

An Easter bonnet is a traditional hat worn by women and girls to the Easter services and parades. This tradition of wearing bonnets hails back from the old times when people dressed vehemently on Sundays to go to the church. For some particular church services, women even purchased innovative dresses and utilized the opportunity to buy lavish items. Though the bonnets are still popular amongst kids, the custom is losing its relevance with time, as people do not bother to put in efforts for the same. On the contrary, wearing a bonnet can be really exciting on Easter, as it serves as the hallmark of the festival and moreover adds color and zest to the overall look. They remind you of the rich traditional background of Easter and add all the more religious fervor to the celebration. Furthermore, one can craft a beautiful Easter bonnet at home to exhibit their creativity. So, if you want to make things really vibrant, check out the different ideas on how to make various types of Easter bonnets.

How to Make Easter Bonnet
  • One of the simplest Easter bonnets can be prepared by taking a fabric or straw hat and tying a ribbon just over the brim. Make a bow by tying the ends of the ribbon and sticking it with glue or pin to keep it in place.
  • To make your bonnet more appealing, you can attach some flowers over the ribbon with the glue or floral wire. The wire works well with the straw hats. As for the fabric ones, you can pin them up.
  • While making a bonnet for kids, you can use small stuffed animals, such as ducks, chicks or rabbits. These can be precisely attached to the bonnet with the help of the floral wire or needle as per the type of hat.
  • You can make an interesting bonnet for your child with the help of a paper plate. The plate can be decorated by the child using crayons and colors as per his/her liking. After this, add a yarn to each side of the plate so that it can be tied under the child's chin.
  • Get a plain straw hat and decorate it with artificial flowers, Easter decorations, ribbon, bows and other fun stuff. Glue the decorations securely in place and attach ribbons to the sides to tie the bonnet.
  • You can also take a pastel sheet or drawing paper and decorate with markers, card cutouts, clip-art, streamers, ribbons, etc. After this, fold the paper into the shape of a cone and secure it using a tape or stapler. To tie it to the child, add elastic thread or ribbon on both ends to keep it in place under the child’s chin.