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In case you are planning a weekend getaway for this Easter, this article is the right stop. Read to find some popular Easter vacation destinations.

Easter Vacation

While everyone is busy making preparations and arrangements for the festival of Easter, why not make the most of the religious holiday by planning a trip to one of the Easter destinations? Apart from traveling abroad and participating in colorful celebrations overseas, you would also get a chance to enjoy the arrival of spring after the long chilly winter. Easter getaways are increasingly becoming popular, as it gives everyone a great opportunity to spend time together as a family or couple. Head to one of the Easter getaways and make your Easter even more special, meaningful and memorable. Find out the top vacation destinations for Easter this spring season.

Weekend Getaways For Easter

The Algarve, Portugal
The Algarve is popular for Easter and owns some great highlights. The tour operators organize Easter egg hunts on a wide scale across the city, thereby keeping the kids involved and entertained. For those who have a sweet tooth, the famous Portuguese chocolate delights will not let you resist. Folar de Pascoa is traditional sweet bread prepared on Easter to symbolize Jesus sharing food during the last supper. After you are done with the Easter celebrations, relax on the long sandy beaches or dash off to one of the golf courses in The Algarve.

Washington D.C., USA
The capital of USA, Washington is famous for Easter activities and hence, is a popular Easter weekend getaway destination. A large number of Easter activities are organized in the White House lawn for kids to participate and adults to on look and enjoy. Egg hunts, arts and crafts, egg roll and storytelling are just a few of the many activities that keep everyone occupied. If you are lucky enough to get the tickets, do not miss out this well-known Easter festivity.

Yet another popular Easter destination, Mexico boasts of a number of festivals that celebrate the life of Christ. Amongst the most popular are the Passion plays, enacting the Last Supper, betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the warm and beautiful weather is perfect for hitting the local beaches as well.

Crete, Greece
Head towards the island of Crete to get a religious flavor of the significance of Easter! The Greeks consider Easter to be the most important festival, even greater than Christmas. Thus, the whole island is bustled with all kinds of festivities for everyone to enjoy. While adults can engross themselves in the midnight mass and procession to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, kids can enjoy the festive fervor watching the spectacular and magnificent fireworks. The hearty spitfire feasts and famous ritual of breaking colored eggs are some of the traditions followed in Crete.

Gorge on the rich and fine dining recipes prepared in Italy on this holy occasion. Right from Agnellino, roasted baby lamb to rich, sweet breads for kids, there is a lot that you can only expect. Known as Pasque in Italian, Easter is traditionally celebrated in Rome, the hub of the festival. Witness the Easter service led by the Pope with the Mass at the Vatican. Also, stroll down other cities as they have their own traditional festivities to offer you.