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The most popular Easter icon and Easter symbol are the Easter eggs. Easter lilies and bunnies are also important signs of Easter.

Easter Icons

Egg, Bunny, and Lily are the most famous icons associated with Easter. These have been linked with Easter over the centuries in such a manner that we cannot think of Easter celebrations without them. They are so hugely popular all around the world that we can find them in many different forms. From decoration to games, confectionery to meal, rites to rhymes, these icons have found a prominent place everywhere during the festival of Easter. While the egg symbolizes new life as in spring, birds, and many other animals are hatched from eggs, bunny represents hares, which give birth to large litters during the early spring. They have become associated as a symbol of the rising fertility of the earth at the Vernal Equinox. In this section, we have provided detailed information about each of the icons related to Easter.

Easter Bunny
The Easter bunny is a symbolic rabbit that relates to the pre-Christian goddess, Eostre, the mythological goddess of spring and fertility. Know the legend behind the hare becoming an Easter icon in this section.

Easter Eggs
The eggs have an interesting tale to tell being associated with Easter. The egg forms the main symbol of Easter with its involvement in various forms including games, activities, decorations, gifts and delicacies.

Easter Lily
Lilies, along with eggs and bunnies, too have made connect with Easter. White lily flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life, which are the true spiritual essence of Easter They are widely popular as an Easter icon and are great to present as Easter gifts as well.