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Easter quotes throw light on the significance of the day. Given below are some meaningful quotations about Easter.

Easter Quotes

Easter is a significant day in the history of Christianity. Owing to its historical and religious importance, it is now celebrated as a festival amongst the entire Christian community across the globe. On this holy occasion, people exchange various gift items with each other, which symbolize the joy over the rebirth of their savior. It even implies that with the help of these small tokens, they wish happiness and prosperity to their family members and friends, hoping that the Lord keeps His mercy and blessings with them.

To make the event more profound and meaningful, you can adorn your gifts, emails and cards with some meaningful and cute Easter quotes, which would exude the true philosophy of the holy holiday. This will make your effort even more fruitful as you try to make everyone remember the true meaning of the Easter celebration. The quotes can be used during Easter sermons or while giving toast at Easter meals. Given in this section are some momentous quotes pertaining to Easter.

Religious Easter Quotes
You can make your gifts and cards even more meaningful and memorable by including a religious quote pertaining to the holy festival of Easter. Go through this section to know some great religious Easter quotations.

Funny Easter Quotes
To make the festive mood even more remarkable, we present you some funny Easter quotes to add light and humor to your celebrations. Browse this section to find some hilarious Easter quotations and sayings.

Inspirational Easter Quotes
While presenting gifts, you can add a touch of inspiration by including some inspirational quotes that would motivate the recipient to think greatly about the significance of Easter.

Famous Easter Quotes
Celebrate Easter in its true festive spirit by utilizing some of the famous Easter quotes given here in different ways. You can add these quotes to cards and e-mails and for decorating scrapbooks or photos relating to Easter.

Easter Resurrection Quotes
And what better than resurrection quotes can be to celebrate the festival in its true spirit! Find some famous quotes on the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this section.

Easter Bible Quotes
While people engage in family gatherings and partying, you too can contribute to the celebratory mood by reading out some Easter bible quotes. You can note these quotes on Easter gifts and cards as well.