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Egg coloring is a fun filled activity practiced during Easter. Check out some creative and easy ideas and tips for dyeing Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Coloring

Egg coloring or dyeing is the most preferred and fun filled activity on the holy festival of Easter. One of the hallmarks and symbols of the festival, eggs find place in a number of activities. Coloring eggs is a tradition in many households which are also used in different games organized on Easter. They even prove to be a vital element of decoration and spruce up the environment with the spirit of the fête. The process of coloring eggs is quite simple and yet requires creativity. It is no less than an art, enjoyed by one and all alike. The colored eggs are also used for decorating Easter baskets. Given here are some ideas for coloring and dyeing Easter eggs.

Tips For Dyeing Easter Egg
  • To dye or color an egg, the first step is to boil it hard. For this, immerse the eggs in a saucepan filled with water. Light the flame and bring it to boil. Turn off the fire and let the saucepan stand, covered with a lid for about 30 minutes.
  • After this, wash the eggs with cold water. Remember, the eggs should be cool before you start decorating them.
  • To add color to your eggs, you can prepare your own dye at home with the help of food colors. It is best to use natural dyes made from sweet potato, paprika, red cabbage and blueberries. Mix about one tablespoon of food coloring with two teaspoon of vinegar in a cup.
  • After preparing this mixture, add water into it till the container is half full. Your dye is ready.
  • Immerse the eggs into the dye. The longer the eggs stay in the dye, the deeper the color shade will be.
  • You can color your eggs according to your own imagination and innovation. All you need is craft items, colors and your creativity.
  • Draw creative designs on the eggs using crayons before dipping them in the dye. This will give you a pattern on the egg after dyeing, as the wax will resist the dye with your art showing through.
  • You can wrap your egg with rubber bands and then dip into the dye. This will also leave a design on the eggs as the portion covered with rubber bands will not be colored while the remaining will be. After removing the rubber bands, you can dye the egg into a different color as well.
  • You can paint your eggs with the help of undiluted food color and cotton swabs. You can also use acrylic colors instead of food coloring. Place the eggs in egg cups till they dry.
  • For a marbled design on your egg, put one tablespoon of oil, vinegar and food coloring in a jar and mix well. Slide in the egg slowly. Keep it in the solution for sometime and when you take it out, you will have a marbled design, after it dries off.
  • Use sponge in various sizes and dab the egg with different colors. To get the best effect, start using darker colors first.