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Bunny trouble by Hans Wilhelm is a part of suitable Easter books for children. It is high on merit to be made a component of Easter gift books.

Easter Books

Easter is one of the most significant festivals of the Christian community after Christmas. It was on this day when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead after His crucifixion on Good Friday. Also known as Easter Day, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day and Resurrection Sunday, Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday. The holiday is a time to rejoice, enjoy and make merry. The day also marks the onset of spring time, as the Lent season ends on Easter. Hence, people have two reasons to commemorate this festival. Gifts are largely exchanged on this day amongst one another.

Books are a great option to present on Easter. You can find a number of books on Easter illuminating legends and stories associated with this festival. Illustrated with colorful and popular Easter symbols, the kids can easily associate the stories with Easter and its importance. While the festival approaches, people eagerly search through bookstores to get hold of some books on Easter to gift to family and others. Given here are some books that highlight the message of Easter and share the relevance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in today's life.

The Egg Tree
- Katherine Milhous (Illustrator)
Written half a century ago, the story continues to charm the children even this day. It makes a very good Easter reading for children and others. The story is based on Katy, the protagonist, discovering her grandmother's old hand-painted Easter eggs in the garret; she encourages the restitution of the Easter egg tree tradition!

The Easter Egg (Tales of Little Angels Series)
- Caroljean Ellis, Erica Albright (Illustrator)
There is no doubt that the children of all age groups will be delighted to read "The Tales of Little Angels series". The most important attraction of the series being its brilliant illustrations combined with colorful characters. Another strong point of this book is its wonderful and continuous storyline. As each book progresses, we follow the adventures of brave little angels as they watch over the spirited Nation of Free States. The exploits and adventures of the little angels help readers learn about love, courage, and devotion. This series is a great temptation and enticer for children of all age groups.

Easter Land
'Children' is the word with which the book begins which beautifully reflects all about the matter of the book. "Easter Land" is an Easter story which has been written keeping children in mind. It has been designed to let children know all about Easter bunny. It tells them a magical time of the year when the Easter bunny comes. The book generates curiosity in the minds of children about the Easter bunny.

The Grumpy Easter Bunny
- Justine Korman (Author), Lucinda McQueen (Illustrator)
Another interesting book for children on Easter, it has been written and illustrated beautifully and attracts the imagination of the young and avid readers. Hopper does not show the same enthusiasm as other rabbits' for their Easter rounds and instead of hiding his share of goodies, he eats most of them himself, but finally he learns the real joy of Easter.

Bunny Trouble
- Hans Wilhelm
This book is a nice and interesting story of a rabbit colony, which is given the charge of decorating all the Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny. The members of this colony work all the year round, except Ralph. Ralph would rather enjoy playing soccer. Now, it's up to you to find out how Ralph nearly becomes Easter dinner.