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Humorous Easter jokes are the perfect way to add joy and fun to your Easter celebrations. Check out some funny Easter jokes.

Easter Jokes

The essence of the festival of Easter is basically the revival of hope and faith. It involves avid celebrations amongst the believers of Christianity. The festival marks the beginning of the spring time after the end of the chilly winter. Apart from praying to the Lord to seek his blessings and mercy, people indulge in party bash, which features Easter games, feast, greetings, etc. To induce happiness and laughter into the lives of the people around, nothing can be more effective than cracking humorous jokes.

On the occasion of Easter, you can send and share funny and hilarious jokes to your friends and associates, to make their day dazzle with a million dollar smile. By spreading cheer and goodwill, you feel good that you have made someone smile. With technological developments, people can now send jokes, via e-cards, mobile phones, greeting cards, notes, e-mails, etc. Given in this section are some hilarious jokes and riddles that have been combined for the occasion of Easter. Read on and have a humorous Easter!

Easter Riddles
While people indulge in get-togethers and parties, jokes and riddles turn out to make the festival all the more lively and energetic. Given here are some Easter riddles that you can use to lighten up the Easter environment or utilize them for Easter scavenger hunts.

Easter Knock Knock Jokes
Knock knock jokes have always been adored by young and old alike. Not only amusing, they add a little hilarity to the festive mood of the celebrations making them even more enjoyable and memorable.

Easter Jokes For Kids
Given here are some funny good Easter jokes that will leave your kids laughing their heart out. Read on to know them as they are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Easter Egg Jokes
Get set for some springtime fun with these Easter egg jokes that are sure to keep your rolling for the rest of the day. Both kids and adults can take a laugh at these egg jokes.