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Easter celebration is deemed incomplete without a party. Given below are ideas and tips for having Easter parties.

Easter Party

A time to celebrate the renewal of life with flowers, eggs, rabbits and chicks, Easter commemorates Jesus' resurrection and the onset of the spring season. However, Easter celebrations are incomplete without partying. An Easter party is a good opportunity for families to get together and have a blast. In case you are staying away from your family, you can always throw a party and invite your friends and colleagues to celebrate the occasion. Planning an Easter party does require some effort from your part, but all of it appears painless in the spirit of the festival. The idea behind having Easter parties is rejoicing the mercy and blessings of the Lord, who reappeared on this day to take care of his believers. So, get ready for a bash, following the Easter party tips and ideas given below.

Easter party begins with sending invitations to your family members, friends and other acquaintances. Use your creativity while making the invitation cards. You can cut pastel sheets in the form of eggs and pen down the invitation on them. You can send plastic eggs to the guests with a rolled pastel sheet note, containing all the details about the party. You can even send small plastic bags containing small pieces of carrots and its leaves, with a message to visit the 'bunny'.

The next thing to do is to spruce up your surroundings. Use traditional symbols of Easter in your décor, such as fluffy bunnies, baby chicks, brightly decorated eggs and Easter baskets. You can make appealing centerpieces by filling pastel colored baskets with artificial grass and chocolate eggs. Hard-boiled eggs can be decorated in bowls to embellish the buffet table. You can get bunny-shaped helium balloons for the egg hunt venue. Moreover, do not forget to add some fresh flowers to your interiors, since it is the spring season, which provides ample good opportunities for the same.

Games are an essential means of recreation and entertainment on Easter. The egg hunt is the most famous sport practiced on Easter parties. Apart from this, there are a number of other games that are played and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Lamb and ham are the traditional delicacies prepared on the event of Easter. They are teamed up with veggies, rolls, gratin potatoes, and so on. However, the festival is best known for its sweet dishes, such as chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, marsh mallows, jelly beans, cakes, etc.

Favors/ Gifts
The gift items on Easter primarily consist of gift baskets stuffed with bunnies and candies. For the younger crowd, you can give away flowers, egg shaped painted candles, coloring books, blowing bubbles, stickers and jump ropes as party favors.