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Like all other celebrations,games form an important part of Christian Easter party too. There are numerous types of fun and activity games for kids and children to play on Easter party. Easter Charades, Match the eggs, says so Easter bunny are a few of these.

Easter Games

Easter is a holy festival celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The occasion also observes the beginning of the spring season. Once can find markets and shops jam-packed with different Easter symbols, such as brightly colored eggs, chicks, bunnies, chocolates, marshmallows, baskets and hot cross buns, in the form of gifts, treats, games, favors, etc. Decorations, crafts, games and feasting become the main festivity of the holiday. Parties are the major source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. The party excitement can be continued by engaging in some games reflecting the Easter occasion. Easter eggs and bunnies are very much a part of Easter games and set the perfect mood for the day. Here are some of the fun Easter games for you to enjoy:

Guess the Number
As the name suggests, this is a guessing game and increases the power of observation as the children try to observe and guess the number of chocolates eggs or Easter goodies inside each jar.

Easter Charades
It is an improvisation on Dumb Charades where a member of a team has to act out the Easter related word in the chit, instead of the name of the movie as done traditionally, and the team has to guess it out.

Match the Eggs
This is a very simple game, where children try to find their egg-match, or the other half of the egg they have got. The last child to get the pair has to do something, while the winning pair gets the prize.

Says So Easter Bunny
It is an improvisation on 'Simon Says.' The player mixes up instructions that he gives up either using or not using the prefix 'Says So Easter Bunny...' The other children have to follow the instructions only if the player adds the prefix to the instructions.