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The sweetest ways to send 'Happy Easter' wishes to near ones is through poetry. To know more about Easter poems/poem, read on.

Easter Poems

Poetry is one of the most creative and pleasant forms of expressing one's feelings and emotions. The strength of the words becomes evident, as the words flow effortlessly, carrying oodles of meaning. In effect, it is a very good medium of sending warm wishes on festive occasions. Poems are liked by one and all and therefore have a universal appeal. Poetry just needs inspiration and can be written or dedicated to the Lord, parents, children, friends, etc. Easter is one of the most special festivals for Christians after Christmas. Various folk customs and pagan traditions, such as Easter eggs, bunnies, baskets and candy, have become a standard part of this holy festival. The best way to greet 'Happy Easter' to loved ones is by dedicating and reciting poems.

Easter holds immense significance from religious and spiritual point of view. It is a time to rejoice and be happy for everyone, as it reminds the rise of goodness and divinity in the world. The holiday celebrates life, death and resurrection of the Savior. Kids look forward to a merry time enjoying chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybean-filled Easter eggs. Easter poetry can be religious, Biblical, including rhyming Easter verses on Jesus Christ, religious Easter rhymes for a child or kid, and inspirational Easter Sunday poems that could be used for mass vigil in the church. Some of the poems can even be sung on the tunes of music. Some of the popular forms of Easter poems are given below:

Easter Funny Poems
Easter is the time to rejoice and celebrate the rebirth of goodness in the world. One of the merriest times in the year, this holy festival is awaited by one and all. On this occasion, people celebrate and enjoy with family and friends and send them wishes.

Easter Inspirational Poems
Easter is the best time of the year to take inspiration from others and to inspire others. It is the day, which celebrates the resurgence of Jesus in the world. It signifies that no matter how much the wrong-doer might flourish and grow, good always presides over evil. It makes the individuals believe in the power and authority of the Almighty.

Easter Poem for Friends
Good friends are the biggest and priceless treasure a person can have, after good parents. Unlike with latter, friendship is a man-made relationship. An individual makes friends as he is a social animal and needs other mates to interact. Friends not only share your happiness, but also stand by your side during the bad times.

Easter Poems for Dad
In the general patriarchal society, father is the head of the family, who shoulders all the responsibilities. He earns the bread and butter and sustains his family. He tries to keep his family happy in every possible way. In effect, he becomes the hero of every child. Easter is a good opportunity to make your father feel special.

Easter Poems for Kids
Children are the sweetest creation of the Lord. They become the center of attraction everywhere, especially during festivals and celebrations. Easter, too, carries great importance for children. One of the most common ways of celebrating the occasion is through recitation of poetry.

Easter Poems for Mom
It is a common belief that since God cannot be everywhere, he created mothers so that they can give birth to life and guide the world. As a result, nothing in this world can compare the love and affection that a mother bestows upon her kids. Her humble deeds, her gentle words, caring ways are means of true bliss on earth.

Religious Easter Poems
Easter has immense religious importance for Christians across the globe. It is a day dedicated to the Lord and hence, everybody is engaged in reciting his glory. The visit to the church and the narration of His holy conduct and magnificence is what makes the day worthwhile.

Short Easter Poems
On Easter, all Christians exchange gifts and cards to greet one another. They are one of the potent mediums to express emotions and convey wishes. A great way to add that special touch to the cards and gifts would be to include short Easter poems.