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Flower arrangement form an important part of celebrations & Easter is no exception to it. The magnificent Easter lilies form an important part of this arrangement because of its being a famous Easter icon.

Easter Flower Arrangements

Flowers have the power to express what can't be said by words. Flowers indeed have a unique language of their own. There are different types of flowers for every occasion and they beautifully express every sentiment. Though the experts disagree on the 'true meaning' of each flower, it can't be denied that each one of them have their unique appeal. The religious festival of Easter has long been associated with flowers. Easter flowers are truly brilliant among all flower-full holidays. There is no matching the magnificence of lilies, which enjoy a special place in Easter decorations and celebrations. Lilies are, in fact, one of the most famous icons of Easter. Even though all flowers convey thoughtfulness, compassion and love, given here are some flower arrangement ideas for Easter.

Flower Arrangements for Easter

All in One Basket
Get a minimalist wire basket and arrange undyed eggs into it. Fill the wire basket with a loose bunch of tulips, lilacs and ranunculus to form a casual bouquet. Nestle some hard-boiled two dozen eggs around the vase.

Hold a Candle
Affix a length of ribbon around the metal rim of a votive candle. Carefully snip off almost the entire stem of a gerbera daisy flower and put the petals. Insert the flower into a cordial glass and top it with a lit candle. A perfect decorative idea to dress up an Easter holiday table!

Pour on the Charm
Get tulips and pansies in shades of cream and pink. Fill a good arrangement of these flowers in a patterned porcelain teapot. As for the teacups, tuck decorative eggs and top them with more flowers. The tea set makes a great centerpiece for an elegant as well as informal Easter brunch.

Tall Order
Transform your Easter table into a spring sanctuary by making grapevine birds' nests. Add on daffodils to let sprout from the nests. Cover the dirt in the nests with dried grass and mini eggs.

Peep Show
Make centerpieces by filling white plastic egg cups with green jelly beans. Add marshmallow chicks and mini daisies. Place the egg cups on an Easter-themed tablecloth to complete the look.

Get Carried Away
Get a flat-bottom antique wooden carrier and smooth it out using sandpaper. Place some tiny terracotta pots on the base in free-form rows. Fill the spaces with mounds of decorative moss. Insert tulip blossoms, lilies and daffodils in the containers. You can also add perch dyed hard-boiled eggs in some containers.