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Easter tree is an important important symbol of Easter celebrations. Check out Easter tree craft ideas.

Easter Tree

One of the most awaited festivals of Christians, Easter is celebrated at the onset of spring. It is celebrated to mark Christ's resurrection from the dead. It is a moveable holiday. The date of Easter falls on a Sunday, anywhere between March 22 and April 25. It observes the freedom of mankind from the grasp of sin and death. The occasion is celebrated with great joy, happiness and enjoyment. Just like a Christmas tree is vital for Christmas celebrations, an Easter tree too symbolizes Easter celebrations. It is indeed one of the most important decorations and craft activities on Easter. Making Easter tree is fun and easy and kids would love and enjoy decorating it. You can also use this Easter tree for other holidays just by changing colors and decorations.

Easter Tree Craft

Materials Required
  • Decorator Tree/ Tree Limb In A Base
  • Paper Flowers
  • Silk Flowers
  • Decorated Eggs
  • Easter-theme Ornaments
  • Colorful Miniature lights
  • Light Colored Ribbon
How To Make
  • Paste flowers on the tips of the Easter tree.
  • Attach decorated Easter eggs, bunny or chick ornaments, etc.
  • Use different colored Easter-them ornaments to give your tree a bright and colorful appearance.
  • String the tree with lights. Bind the lights on the tree with a reel of ribbon in the pastel colors.
  • You can even attach ribbons to eggs and other decorations. Henceforth, tie them to the tree.
  • The longer ribbon you use, the prettier the tree will look.
  • You can put decorations around the base according to your desire.