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Easter party invitation should be done in a way that reflects the festivity. With this article, explore some party invitation ideas for Easter.

Easter Party Invitation

Throwing a party is the perfect way to celebrate the festivities of Easter. It allows everyone to dwell in the Eastertide. For a party to commence, the foremost thing that you require is an invite. Apart from inviting the guests to the party, an invite also sets the mood for the same. With modernization creeping into our livelihood, the practice of sending an invitation card seems to be an out-of-date option. Rather, e-mails, e-cards, sms and messages in social networking sites are ruling the roost these days. However, you cannot deny the charm and charisma of the traditional invites. This Easter, get back to the traditional way of inviting guests for your party through paper cards. In the following lines, we have provided some great ideas for the Easter party invitations.

Party Invitation Ideas For Easter
  • The foremost thing, before making an invite, would be to decide the design of the card. Since it is Easter, go for an invitation card that is in the form of a bunny or has colorful eggs imprinted on it. Invites adorned with chicks would serve well for the Easter party.
  • Keep the invite simple, in case you are going to post it and not deliver it by hand. However, if you have the opportunity of hand delivering the invite, go for something creative. You can hand each guest a box of chocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs or marshmallow chicks, along with the invitation. In such a case, write the details of the party on a ribbon and tie it around the box.
  • The wordings of the invite make up an important consideration. Since it is an Easter party, start the wordings with a deep religious saying. Thereafter, write the details of the party, i.e., the time, date and venue.
  • If you want to be contemporary, record the invitation on a CD and send it across to your guests, along with the card.
  • You can also get a set of spring or Easter themed party invitations from the market and tuck in something special in the envelopes, such as a handful of bright plastic grass, snips of festive pastel ribbon or handful of shiny confetti.
  • For a kids’ Easter party, you can cut out egg-shaped invitations from plain white cardstock or pastel colors. Decorate the Easter eggs and write down the invitations on the eggs. You can also attach some Easter themed stickers, along with the invitation.
Some Tips
  • In case you have centered your Easter party on a particular color code, make sure to mention it on the invite, so that the guests come dressed accordingly.
  • Make sure you have written the nature of the party, whether it is a formal lunch or dinner or just an evening snacks party, in the invitation. This would give the guests a fair idea of the party.