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Easter celebrations all over have some unique practices attached to them. Easter bonnets or baskets form an important part of Easter celebrations in England.

Easter in England

Easter is the oldest and one of the most significant festivals of the Christian community that is celebrated to mark the resurrection and rebirth of Jesus Christ from the dead. It also marks the commencement of the spring season after the Lent period. Observed throughout the world with immense magnificence and grandeur, Easter is considered as a day of parties, gift-giving and moreover, the rise of the good from the evil. Easter is celebrated in England over a long week. The three most important days are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The main symbols of Easter and spring include bunnies and rabbits.

It is tradition to eat hot cross buns on Good Friday, as they symbolize the cross on which Jesus was crucified. On Easter Saturday, the Welsh decorate the graves of the family members and friends with flowers. Traditional dinner is prepared on Easter Sunday consisting of lamb, potatoes and lots of vegetables. People exchange Easter Eggs, Easter bread, hot cross buns and other gifts, such as clothes, chocolates or holidays packages, with one another. Easter bonnets or baskets are made that are decorated with things like daffodils. Easter bonnet competitions are also held and a large number of children participate in them. As a part of the tradition, the winner gets an Easter egg.

A Sunrise service is held in the churches located on hill sides where all Christians gather to see the sunrise. Some even participate in an Easter vigil, where a new fire is lighted outside the church early on Easter Sunday. The Paschal candle is decorated with studs to celebrate Christ's wounds. This candle is lit from the new fire and carried across the church, allowing the other worshippers to light their candles. Easter bunnies are made and sold in large numbers and are an integral part of Easter celebrations in England.

All the gift shops are filled with thousands of these bunnies, which people buy to give to each other. Then, there is another interesting part associated with Easter bunnies. These bunnies are hidden along with Easter eggs in the house. Children are supposed to search and find these sweet treats. A popular tradition followed in England is the Easter Parade at Battersea Park. Easter bonnets are worn by all ladies in the parade. Easter in England is more about sober worship and quiet family gatherings, unlike the razzmatazz and hectic atmosphere that accompanies Christmas. Moreover, Easter greeting cards are confined to close friends and family only.