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Easter is celebrated in different countries of Europe under different names. Italians call Easter as La Pasqua, in France, it is called Paques.

Easter Celebrations in Other European Countries

Easter is an important religious festival celebrated by Christians all across the world with grand splendor and enthusiasm. The festival commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from His death after His crucifixion on Good Friday. The occasion is also celebrated to welcome the spring season after the end of the Lent period. Feasts, fasting and prayers form the major activities performed on this holy holiday. While some traditions followed are similar to all countries, some traditions differ distinctly in all the countries. Every nation celebrates Easter in its own unique manner. Countries in Europe too have different rituals and practices for celebrating Easter. Find how Easter is celebrated in some European countries in this section.

The historic country of France celebrates Easter with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Known as Pâques in French, Easter is one of the major festivals in the country. The deep-rooted belief in Christianity among the French citizens and the secularism practiced by the country allows the festival to adopt enhanced gaiety. In France, Easter also marks the first holiday of the spring season.

Dominated by Christian faith, Italy celebrates Easter with great fanfare and vigor. Known as 'Pasqua' in Italian, Easter makes the entire country have fun with games and concerts. The proverb 'Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi' meaning 'Christmas with your relatives, Easter with whomever you want', perfectly suits the festive spirit of Easter in Italy. Celebrations in Italy chiefly include church services, parades and fireworks.

Easter is called Pasen or Pasen Zontag in Netherlands. Easter is celebrated as a spring holiday in Netherlands. People arrange and decorate tables for the Easter dinner. Sweet bread forms an important dish of the Easter feast. The cross forms the main symbol of Easter that is decorated with flowers or young leaves.

Easter is known as Påsk in Swedish. Easter is more than just a festival - it is a religious occasion that is celebrated with great splendor and glory. The grandeur of the festival is seen from the fact that a week before Easter, the entire country revels in the Eastertide festivities with shops being gaily decorated in festive symbols.