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Like all other celebrations, cookies form an important part of Easter recipes. These Easter cookies are loved and relished by everyone.

Easter Cookies

Easter is a time for joyfulness, merriment and happiness. The holy festival is celebrated throughout the world by the entire Christian community to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The festival also marks the onset of the springtime. Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, chicks, egg hunts, baskets, bonnets, lilies and others form the main part of the festivities on Easter. Different celebrations, crafts, activities, games, parties and delicacies are undertaken by people to celebrate the springtime festival in a joyful and high spirited manner.

Apart from the delicious other treats that are prepared on this holiday, cookies form an important part of the Easter cuisine. They are one of the most loved and easily prepared Easter recipes. Easter cookies are loved by everyone and can be had at any time. They have had a long tradition of association with Easter celebrations all across the world. Given here are some of mouth-watering and lip-smacking Easter cookie recipes. Go ahead and let your guests indulge in a few of them in the true spirit of the holy festival. They surely will add a great flavor to your Easter celebrations.

Apricot Cookie Recipe
Apricot delight is a simple and tempting delicacy. Spice up your Easter holiday by preparing this dessert and serve it to your guests. They sure will love it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Easter dream bar cookies are a type of chocolate chip cookies that are pretty easy to make. Find the method for making them by browsing this section.

Carrot Cake Cookies
Enriched with fruits, nuts and carrots, this cookie tastes like cake and is an absolute appetizing and inviting snack. Prepare one and find out for yourself.

Coconut Fruitcake Cookies
These fruitcake cookies are just a perfect choice for the Easter holiday. Resembling little muffins, these cookies are loaded with fruit, coconut and pecans.

Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars
They are chocolaty layered cookies prepared with rice meal and marshmallows - a perfect must-have on the Easter holiday!

Frosty Strawberry Squares
Filled with strawberries and whipped topping, these undoubtedly scrumptious and lip-smacking cookies will get your guests asking for more till the last cookie.