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Rise and act thy creed...Let the prayer be in thy deed is a real soulful Easter song

Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed

Easter is a holy festival celebrated to mark the rebirth and renewal of the Christian faith. It is observed to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter is a springtime festival observed on the first Sunday, after the appearance of the first full moon after the spring equinox. The festival brings along with it fun, joy, rejoice and merriment. Churches are filled with people thanking and praying for Jesus' life. They are decorated with bells and flowers. Singing spiritual songs form one of the most important activities that people indulge in, in the church. One such song is 'Christian, rise and act thy creed'. Written by F.A. Rollo Russell in 1893, the song has been sung by the Parish choir to the tunes of 'Innocents'. Check out the lyrics of this song.

Lyrics For Christian, Rise And Act Thy Creed
Christian, rise and act thy creed;
Let thy prayer be in thy deed;
Seek the right, perform the true,
Raise thy works and life anew.
Hearts around thee sink with care;
Thou canst help their load to bear;
Thou canst bring inspiring light,
Arm their faltering wills to fight.
Let thine aims be hope and joy,
And thy worship God's employ;
Give Him thanks in humble zeal,
Learning all His will to feel.
Come, then law divine, and reign;
Freest faith assailed in vain,
Perfect love bereft of fear,
Born in heaven and radiant here.