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He lives on high... Christ the savior is a popular Easter lyric.

He Lives on High

Easter is a religious festival celebrated by Christians all across the world with immense vigor, zeal and enthusiasm. This holy occasion commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead after he was crucified on Good Friday. It also marks the onset of the spring time after the end of the Lent period. The major symbols of Easter constitute eggs, chocolate bunnies, baskets, marshmallows, lilies, hot cross buns and bonnets. Preparations are done well in advance. During the festive season, people engage in partying, feasting, games and church masses. "He Lives on High" is one such song that is largely sung on Easter. Written by Baylus B. McKinney, the song is sung to the tune of "Aloha De" that was composed by Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii. Find the lyrics of the song in the following lines and indulge in the festive mood of Easter.

Lyrics for He Lives on High
Christ the Savior came from Heaven's glory,
To redeem the lost from sin and shame;
On His brow He wore the thorn-crown glory,
And upon Calvary He took my blame.

He lives on high, He lives on high,
Triumphant over sin and all its stain;
He lives on high, He lives on high,
Some day He's coming again.

He arose from death and all its sorrow,
To dwell in that land of joy and love;
He is coming back some glad tomorrow,
And He'll take all His children home above.

Weary soul, to Jesus come confessing,
Redemption from sin He offers thee;
Look to Jesus and receive a blessing,
There is life, there is joy and victory!