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Flower bouquets prove to be a great decorating and gifting option. Read on to know more on Easter flower bouquets as well as flower baskets.

Easter Flower Bouquets

Flowers are the ultimate embodiment of celebration and when the festivity is that of Easter, you cannot think of excluding them. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ and also the arrival of spring season. The symbols of bright and colorful hues not only denote the coming of the festival, but also of spring. There is a common ground where Easter and spring celebration strike the same chord - celebration of new life, renewal and richness. Scriptures say that Christ came back to life on Easter Sunday, two days after His crucifixion. Coincidentally, it is the same time when the dead and deceased flowers also came to life, after the long cold and chilly winters.

Fresh flowers and buds blossom in Easter, giving Mother Earth a new life. The soft delicate petals and growing buds seem to be in sync with the Easter celebration. Flowers are used for decoration and are also a great option to explore, when it comes to gifting others. They convey the feeling of love, warmth and passion in the best way possible. Flowers also complement the ambience of Easter, that of richness, happiness, revival and prosperity. The most popular way of displaying flowers is when they are clubbed together, either in the form of a bouquet or a basket.

There are many options when it comes to making an Easter special bouquet. You can either make a single-flower dominated bouquet or go for an assortment of different flowers. Same is the case with an Easter flower basket. Talking about the special blooms of Easter, lilies, tulips, azaleas and daisies steal the show. These flowers have the quality of adding a new life to your room and uplifting the ambience completely. Flower bouquets and baskets form excellent Easter gifts for your loved ones, be it family members or friends, by bringing a smile on their lips. As for decorations, they beautifully adorn any area wherever they are placed. Right from churches to houses, flower bouquets and baskets are used everywhere.

While you can use any spring flower for Easter celebration, there are some that convey a particular feeling. Some of them have been listed herein:
  • A chrysanthemum indicates cheerfulness and is also the best bet when it comes to gifting to a precious friend.
  • A white chrysanthemum is a sign of truthfulness.
  • A yellow chrysanthemum is great for someone who is more than a friend, as in sighted love.
  • A daffodil would convey to a person that he/she is the only one who brightens the world for you.
  • An azalea indicates a person to take care of himself/herself.
  • A white lily stands for purity and innocence.
  • A red tulip would be the perfect way to declare love on Easter.
  • Any color tulip stands for perfect love.
  • A variegated tulip suits someone who has beautiful eyes.