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'Harvey' is an excellent light-hearted story that is sure to make you laugh your heart out. With this article, know the plot and summary of this movie.


Harvey is a classic fantasy, comic movie starring James Stewart and Josephine Hull as the main lead characters. Based on Mary Chase's Pulitzer prize-winning play 'Harvey', the 1950 film has been directed by Henry Koster. The story revolves around a man and his six foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall rabbit. While the main lead is admitted to a mental institution on the pretext of seeing invisible characters, a comedy of errors begin and romance blossoms in unexpected places. The movie is a light-hearted flick that is sure to entertain children and adults alike on Easter. Check out the plot and summary of 'Harvey' movie in the article herein.

Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart) is a good-natured, friendly and likeable drunk whose best friend is Harvey, a six foot, three and a half inch invisible white rabbit. Harvey is a pooka, mischievous creature that appears here and there, now and then. All is well until Elwood starts introducing Harvey to every guest that comes to meet Veta Louise Simmons (Hull), his sister and Myrtle Mae (Victoria Horne), his niece. Veta is puzzled about Elwood's obsession as to whether it is due to his propensity to drink or some mental illness.

Veta ends up getting Elwood admitted to a local sanatorium. However, she admits to the psychiatrist, Dr. Lyman Sanderson (Charles Drake) that she too sees Harvey once is a while after living with him for all these years. Result? Dr. Sanderson frees Elwood and locks in Veta. However, the head of the sanatorium, Dr. Chumley gets back Elwood to save the sanatorium's reputation. A number of plans have been put up by Dr. Chumley, Judge Gaffney (William Lynn) and Veta for Elwood though he is unaware of them.

Elwood explains his first meeting with Harvey and how people react on being heard about Harvey. Dr. Sanderson and his nurse Miss Kelly (Peggy Dow) even follow Elwood to his and Harvey's favorite bar, Charlie's. In the climax, Dr. Chumley does not accept Harvey's existence though he himself has started hanging out with him. At the end, Harvey is given two options between staying with Dr, Chumley or Elwood. Harvey instantly holds on to Elwood while exiting from the sanatorium.