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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is combines animation and live-action into one story. Find out the plot and summary of this movie.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' is a story of a cartoon character living alongside real humans. A fantasy-comedy-mystery film, this 1988 flick stars Charles Fleischer, Christopher Lloyd, Bob Hoskins and Kathleen Turner in the lead roles. While Bob and Kathleen have voiced the roles of Roger Rabbit and his beautiful wife respectively, Charles and Christopher play human characters. Based on Gary K. Wolf's novel "Who Censored Roger Rabbit", this film revolves around cartoon characters interacting directly with human beings. The movie is a murder mystery set in 1947 Hollywood, the era of classical Hollywood cinema. Browse through the lines below to know the story of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'

Roger Rabbit, a high-spirited toon rabbit, is one of Maroon cartoon studio's characters. The studio is owned by R.K. Maroon (Tilvern). Roger Rabbit is accompanied by wife, Jessica who is a gorgeous and stunning toon woman and Roger's co-star and Baby Herman who looks like an infant though he is 50 years old. The movie begins with a private detective, Eddie Valiant (Hoskins) being hired by Maroon on the context of Jessica having an affair. Edie has always hated the toon community since his brother, Teddy was killed by one of the toons some years back. Eddie starts off and clicks photographs depicting Jessica playing patty-cake with Marvin Acme (Kaye), owner of Toontown and the Acme Corporation. Roger gets upset and flees. This only begins problems for him.

Acme is found murdered next day and as expected, Roger is suspected to be the murderer. Eddie meets Judge Doom (Lloyd) and his Toon Patrol of weasel henchmen. Doom discovers that by dissolving the Toons in a mixture of paint thinners called "The Dip", the characters can be killed as they are impermeable to physical abuse. Meanwhile, Baby Herman insists on bestowing Toontown to the Toons as Acme's will is missing. As a result, if the will is not found, the corporation would be sold to Cloverleaf Industries. Eddie moves ahead with investigating the case with the help of his girlfriend, Dolores (Cassidy) and helps Roger hide from the Toon Patrol.

Jessica reveals that she had been blackmailed by Maroon to compromise Acme and sell the studio to Maroon. The snaps were clicked to blackmail Acme to sell his firm. However, Maroon is shot dead and Jessica runs away from the spot, but is noticed by Eddie. On finding her in Toontown, Jessica revels that both Maroon and Acme have been killed by Doom to take over Toontown. The movie continues with Doom and his weasels capturing Eddie, Roger and Jessica. Doom confesses that he killed Teddy and others and hopes to take control of Toontown. In the climax, Doom is revealed to be a Toon. Eddie dissolves Doom in a mobile Dip sprayer that Doom was supposedly going to use to destroy Roger and Jessica. Acme's will is actually a love poem that Roger that written to Jessica.