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Games for children and others form an important part of Easter celebrations. Guess the number of eggs is a nice, easy and entertaining Easter game.

Guess the Number of Easter Eggs

Kids love to play games and Easter is no exception. With Easter round the corner, people get busy with preparing for the day by decorating their homes, making delicious Easter treats, packing gifts and favors, and arranging parties. While Easter is a time to remember Jesus Christ and his resurrection, kids connect the festival with merry, fun and enjoyment. For enjoyment, they only look up to games and activities that can keep them engaged for the entire day. There are quite a number of games that you can organize on Easter. "Guess the number of Easter eggs" is one such game. Learn how to play this game and keep the kids occupied on this holy holiday.

Guess The Number of Easter Eggs

Materials Required
  • Large glass jars labeled with numbers
  • Chocolate eggs or other Easter goodies
How to Play
  • Fill the jars with a random number of chocolate eggs.
  • Count them and make a note of the exact number of the eggs in each jar.
  • Ask the children to guess the correct number of the chocolate eggs in the jar.
  • The child with the exact number or the closest number will be declared as the winner. Give the jar to the winner as the prize.
  • Ask the remaining children to guess the number in the other jars until each child has at least one jar in hand.
  • You may replace chocolate eggs with various Easter candies and goodies as well.