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There are numerous bunny games on Easter for people of all age groups. These christian Easter bunny games are cute and simple.

Says So Easter Bunny

Easter is a very significant festival of Christians observed to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It also marks the onset of springtime. Eggs, bunnies, chicks, egg hunts, marshmallows, chocolates, candies and baskets become a part of the Easter festivities. Parties are a common and popular way of meeting one another and exchanging Easter greetings. Decorations, feasting, music, activities, favors and games all form a part of parties. On such game played on the holy festival of Easter is "Says So Easter Bunny". "Says So Easter Bunny" is an improvisation on the famous game, "Simon Says". Learn how to play this game by following the rules given herein.

Rules of the Game
  • One player is called as 'Easter Bunny' and gives instructions to the other players.
  • Whenever 'Easter Bunny' gives an instruction adding 'Says so Easter Bunny…' to its prefix, all the children follow it but if it does not add the phrase to the prefix, children do not have to follow it.
  • For example, if the 'Easter Bunny' says 'Says So Easter Bunny, hop on one foot', everybody will start hopping and will not stop even if the 'Easter Bunny' says 'Stop!' They will stop only when the 'Easter Bunny' says 'Says So Easter Bunny, stop hopping.' Anybody, who stops before this is said, is out of the game.
  • 'Easter Bunny' tries to fool people by sometimes giving the instructions with the phrase and sometimes without it.
  • The child who is the winner gets a designated prize.
  • The game can also be played by combining two people in pairs.
  • The winning pair gets an Easter basket full of Easter eggs.