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There are a variety of cool Easter games for kids. Easter egg games are simple and easy to make and loved by the kids.

Match the Eggs

Easter is one of the most significant festivals celebrated by the Christians after Christmas. While Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter commemorates his resurrection after his crucifixion on Good Friday. The blessed festival of Easter also marks the beginning of the spring season. Well before Easter arrives, people get engaged in various preparations. Houses, churches and streets are decorated with lights and Easter elements, different delicious Easter delicacies are cooked, gifts are bought and packed well, and parties and get-togethers are arranged. Well, games cannot be left behind when a party is on the house. "Match the Eggs" is such game that can be well incorporated in Easter games. Read on to know how to play this fun-filled and entertaining game.

Match The Eggs

Materials Required
  • Decorative Paper Easter Eggs
  • Scissors
How to Play
  • Cut all the paper Easter eggs in two odd shapes.
  • Mix them up and distribute each half to the children.
  • Let the children mingle and find their egg match.
  • Those who get paired are to sit down while others continue to play.
  • The last of all children are to do something - such as sing a song or hop like a bunny.
  • The game starts again except for the children who have already lost.
  • The winning pair gets an Easter basket full of Easter eggs.