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Religious poems are a good way to remember the Lord on Easter. For some religious Easter poetry, read on.

Religious Easter Poems

Easter has immense religious importance for Christians across the globe. It is a day dedicated to the Lord and hence, everybody is engaged in reciting his glory. The visit to the church and the narration of His holy conduct and magnificence is what makes the day worthwhile. The celebration is just a part of a bigger purpose. On this sacred occasion, religious poems bring the focus back to the divine purpose for which the day is fêted. The message of the Lord can be very well explained to one and all with the easy yet meaningful words of poetry. Though they seem to be simple, religious poems carry deep meaning and in a way, bring you closer to the Almighty. Glance through to find some religious Easter poems.

Religious Easter Poetry

The Tomb of Christ is But the Bed
The tomb of Christ is but the bed
He rested on three days.
Easter morn He rose again,
The flower of our spring.
On Him, arisen from the dead,
Must we, though flesh decays,
Bestow our faith that when we die
Our souls, like His, shall not long lie
Forsaken in our tomb.
Christ shall, with deep affection, when
He sees our soul's affliction, then
Redeem us with His pain.
In His eternal suffering
Shall we find grace enough to bring
The seed of faith to bloom.

Easter Is Really for Jesus
Easter is not just for the Bunny,
With goodies and treats that he brings,
Easter is when we must celebrate
And alleluia is the song that we sing!

Easter is really for Jesus,
Who died and then rose from the dead.
We must always remember the love Jesus showed
And all of the things that He said.

So, remember this Easter when you go to Church,
And this message you tell everyone.
That easter is all about Jesus,
The Bunny and treats are just fun!

Holiness Is Everywhere Around You
Holiness is everywhere around you,
A radiance that is because it is.
Perhaps you have not seen its light within you.
Perhaps you think your passion less than His.
Yet you have all the radiance of Being,
Even as you wait upon your name.
All have the capacity of seeing
Such glory as no moment can sustain.
Time requires death and resurrection
Even as each being is perfection,

Oh Holy Spirit
Oh Holy Spirit comfort me
In times of grief and pain
Hold my heart within your own
And bring joy to me again.

At times I feel all alone
And I m filled with such despair
And all my hope and dreams are gone
And that no-one really cares.

As I lift my eyes toward heaven
And the tears begin to flow
I cry Oh LORD please help me
I have nowhere else to go.

And then I hear a gentle voice
So soft but yet so clear
This voice says "I love you child
And I am always here".

I will send my Holy Spirit
To take away your sorrow
To comfort you my child
And help you face tomorrow.