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You can make your friends feel special on Easter by dedicating poems. Read on for Easter poetry on friendship.

Easter Poems for Friends

Good friends are the biggest and priceless treasure a person can have, after good parents. Unlike with latter, friendship is a man-made relationship. An individual makes friends as he is a social animal and needs other mates to interact. Friends not only share your happiness, but also stand by your side during the bad times. Thus, on Easter, you can let your friends know how worthwhile your life has become because of their presence. This can be done in a number of ways that can strengthen the bond of friendship between the two of you. One of the most innovative ways to do so is by writing poems. In case you are not among those creative types who would pen their own poetry, fret not, as we have provided some soulful poetry for friends. Read on further and get surprise your friends.

Friendship Poetry for Easter

I Said A Prayer For You Today
I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart although He spoke no word.
I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind.
I asked Him to send treasurers of a far more lasting kind.
I asked that He'd be near you at the start of each new day.
To grant you health and blessings and friends to share your way.
I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small.
But it was for His loving care I prayed the most of all.

The Gift of Friendship
Friendship is a priceless gift
That cannot be bought or sold,
But its value is far greater
Than a mountain made of gold
For gold is cold and lifeless,
It can neither see nor hear,
And in the time of trouble
It is powerless to cheer
It has no ears to listen,
No heart to understand,
It cannot bring you comfort
Or reach out a helping hand
So when you ask God for a Gift,
Be thankful if He sends
Nor diamonds, pearls or riches,
But the love of real and true friends.

To A Christian Friend
When the cold winds blow,
Will you offer me a warm place to go?
He said you would.

When my tears flow free in the pain of grief,
}Will you weep with me?
He said you would.

When I'm in despair from the burden's load,
Will you stop to share?
He said you would.

In the joyful days when my spirit sings,
Will you join in praise?
He said you would.

Will you be my friend?
Will you walk with me?
Until the journey's end?
He said you would.

The ABCs of Friendship
On this holy Easter Day
O dear friend I wish u would always stay
As u fulfill all the commandments of friendship
Ending with Z and beginning with A.
Accepts you as you are
Believes in "you"
Calls you just to say "HI"
Doesn't give up on you
Envisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
Forgives your mistakes
Gives unconditionally
Helps you
Invites you over
Just to "be" with you
Keeps you close at heart
Loves you for who you are
Makes a difference in your life
Never Judges
Offers support
Picks you up
Quiets your fears
Raises your spirits
Says nice things about you
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it
Understands you
Values you
Walks beside you
Explains things you don't understand
Yells when you won't listen, and
Zaps you back to reality