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You can express gratitude towards your dad with the help of Easter poems. For Easter poems for father, read on.

Easter Poems for Dad

In the general patriarchal society, father is the head of the family, who shoulders all the responsibilities. He earns the bread and butter and sustains his family. He tries to keep his family happy in every possible way. In effect, he becomes the hero of every child. Easter is a good opportunity to make your father feel special. One of the common ways to express gratitude towards your father is by giving him presents. However, if you want to try something different, you can write a poem for your dad. If this sounds difficult, you can dedicate some poetry to him. Such a gesture will not only express your feelings but will also bring you closer to him. Find some Easter poems for your dad.

Easter Poetry for Father

Easter Comes But Once a Year
Easter comes once a year
But when it does, we all know its here
Children filling themselves with chocolate
Dad's down the pub for a pint of beer!

We go to the church for the wine and bread
Dad's half asleep, and jerking his head
Baby sister is here too, munching away
On the free Easter egg that the Priest gave us today

But we must remember, that the Lord died for us
And ascended to heaven to give us fresh lives
For each one of us

Dear Daddy What if
What if I didn't have you, dear Daddy,
To walk just a little ahead;
To show me all the turns in the road,
So I am rightly led?

Take me along, dear Daddy.
For, I watch every step you take.
I try to follow your footsteps.
So, make them plain, for my sake.

When I see you on bended knee, dear Daddy,
When I hear you say my name in prayer...
I know what makes you so big and so strong.
And, I pray you will always be there.

I thank God every night for you,
Daddy. I'm the luckiest kid in the land.
For I know that you practice, in earnest,
The life of a pious man

When I say my prayers, dear Daddy,
I always ask Jesus to bless
My Daddy, my helper, my hero...
Who always knows what is best.

I'd like to thank you, dear Daddy.
I'd like the whole world to know
You're the best Dad a kid can come home to.
Dear Daddy, I love you so.