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Easter basket decorations form a major part of the celebration and the festive spirit. Check out some great basket decoration ideas for Easter.

Easter Basket Decorations

Easter is the time for festivity and celebration. While it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the holiday also brings with itself the emergence of the spring season. While there are many activities that are performed by the people during Eastertide, one of the top favorites includes decorating Easter baskets. Baskets form an inevitable part of the celebration mood and hence a lot of care is taken for its beautification. While, in some countries, decorating basket holds a customary or traditional connotation, the rest find it in sync with the religious fervor. Whatever be the case, most of us start looking for innovative ideas for decorating the basket, a few days before Easter. Listed below are some great ideas for decorating your Easter basket this year.

Basket Decoration Ideas For Easter
  • Adhere to a particular theme for your Easter basket decoration. You can choose a bunny theme, color theme, flower theme, and the like.
  • You can go for blue as the theme of your Easter basket. Wrap the basket in blue silk rosebuds. Make sure that the goodies you put in are also covered in blue wrapping paper. After this, tie it with blue ribbon and bow to complete the look.
  • For a green theme, decorate the basket with Easter grass and fill it with Easter candies. Since it is a green theme, green fondant-coated bon-bon would be a great option to explore. Tie a pink or a red bow to give a contrasting effect to the green basket.
  • Another idea would be to paint the basket in metallic silver or gold. If you have painted it in silver, wrap the goodies in blue. Also, adore the basket further with silver and blue net and ribbon. In case of gold, wrap the goodies in bright red and use red and gold ribbon and net to adorn it.
  • One of the best ways to decorate an Easter basket would be to embellish it with flowers, ribbons and net. Once this is done, fill it with cookies and handmade food items. Don't forget to add a nice, cute big bow.
  • Another method would be to employ glittering paper as the decorative element. Use a variety of glittering papers. After this, you can add other embellishments, such as multicolored thermocol balls, nets, ribbon, etc.
  • After you have painted the basket in a color of your choice, paint some wooden shapes, such as small, unfinished wooden Easter eggs, bunnies, ducklings and flowers in the same acrylic color as the basket. Attach the decorative elements onto the outside of the basket and fill it with homemade chocolate bunnies or egg-shaped cookies.
  • Turn your ordinary basket into a glittering one by cutting glittering paper into narrow strips and gluing them on the basket. Use pink, silk ribbons to decorate the basket and add to the color of the festivity. You can also use silk flowers and satin ribbons for decorating. Fill in the basket with candies, stuffed animals, frosting, gumdrops and sprinkles.