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Table decoration enhances the enjoyment over a dinner table. Go through the article, to get some table decoration ideas for this Easter.

Easter Table Decoration

Decorations seem to be an inevitable part of any celebration. Easter, being a spring festival, often reflects the beauty and bounty of the environment. Some of the must-haves for Easter decoration include colorful eggs, bunnies, hot-cross buns and lilies that represent the festival and flora and fauna that symbolize the season. All houses are beautifully adorned during this holy festival and revel in the Eastertide completely. Table decoration is an important part of the overall décor of a house, on Easter. The table should be embellished well, so that even the simple task of having the Easter meal together becomes enjoyable. In the following lines, we have provided some table decoration ideas for Easter.

Table Decoration Ideas For Easter
  • Cover the table with a tablecloth or table runner. A runner with spring prints or Easter designs would be the ideal choice. Make sure it is of a subtle color like blue, pink or yellow.
  • Keep place mats before each chair. Make sure to get mats that reflect the theme of the celebration, such as ones with bunny prints, egg prints or floral designs.
  • Now, focus your attention to the center of the table. For the centerpiece of an Easter table, there are umpteen choices. You can go for bunny centerpieces, beautifully decorated Easter baskets, a flower vase containing Easter lily and so on.
  • You can also have an amalgamation of both spring and Easter for the centerpiece. For this, fill the base of the bowl with fresh greenery and flower petals. To top it, place small stuffed chicks or bunnies.
  • Candles make up an evergreen centerpiece option. You can get a candle stand in the shape of a bunny and place it in the center. Around the stand, place small lily bouquets.
  • Another option would be to get a nice flower vase and place freshly cut lilies into it. You can either leave them open or tie them with some fresh greenery around.
  • You can also use forsythia, daffodils, tulips and hyacinth flowers to reveal the fresh feel of spring.
  • Place a small glass bowl inside a larger one. Fill the small bowl with flowers. As for the space between the two bowls, fill it with colorful jelly beans.
  • Place small dry branches and twigs in a planter. Add colorful and decorative Easter eggs to the branches. Decorate the bottom with colorful pebbles or stones.
  • As for the dishes, try to use crockery sets reflecting the spring season or having floral patterns.
  • It is seen that most people do not pay attention on napkins and end up getting the plain ones only. If you want your table to radiate the perfect look, get napkins in pastel shades. Flowery prints would also look great.
  • Next to each plate, keep a small gift. In it, you can add candied almonds, candied fruit or other treats, all reflective of Easter.