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Are you looking for some church decoration ideas for Easter? The ideas given in this article will surely come handy.

Easter Church Decoration

Easter brings along with it lots of happiness and bliss. Apart from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the world also rejoices the onset of spring, on this holy holiday. Everyone is in the mood of merriment, gratification and high spirits. Just like the houses and streets, the most sanctimonious of all places, i.e., the churches are also decorated, for the festival of Easter, to make them in sync with the celebration mood all around. Months before, preparations and activities are undertaken by the authorities, to give the church that perfect look for Easter. Right from adoring the outside of the church to the insides, everything has to be done with keen detailing to mark the festive occasion. Fresh-cut flowers and spring greenery form an important part of Easter decoration. Given here are some ideas for decorating the church on the holy festival of Easter.

Church Decoration Ideas For Easter
  • Since Easter also marks the arrival of spring, flowers and lights occupy an important place in the church decorations. Hence, the best way to glorify the church on Easter is to adore it with springtime flowers and blossoms.
  • White, pink, lavender, gold and brilliant yellow form the major Easter colors.
  • Decorate the outer boundaries with dogwood tree, a religious symbol marking the Christ’s crucifixion.
  • The inside of the church can be beautified with ornamented Easter eggs, Easter lilies, topiaries and beautiful flower wreaths.
  • You can place lilies, the symbol of eternal life, in pots and arrange them around the altar.
  • Grace the altar with images of angels and sheep and a large Easter candle.
  • Place large decorative trees adorned with festive, colorful ornaments around the altar to improve its appearance.
  • Get a curly willow tree or Manzanita branches and place them in a decorative pail. Thereafter, adorn them with ornaments.
  • As for the walls, Easter wind spinners and charming Easter lights would be the ideal choice.
  • Pictures of The Last Supper and incidents leading to Christ’s resurrection can be highlighted on the walls as well.
  • Images of Easter, such as The Last Supper, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, can be incorporated on the large windows of the church. While for smaller windows, focus on a single image.
  • You can even change the decorations in the window by changing the theme based on the day. Show The Last Supper on Thursday, drape the window in black on Friday and finally, display the main Easter theme on Sunday.