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Bunny is one of the most important symbols of Easter. Go through the article, to get some bunny decoration ideas for Easter.

Easter Bunny Decorations

Bunny takes a prime place in the Easter festivity, as it is one of the most important symbols of the holy holiday. It is a common belief that on the night before Easter, the bunny brings baskets, filled with colorful eggs, candies and toys, to the homes of children. The bunny has dominated Eastertide since years immemorial and is found almost everywhere. Right from stuff bunny toys to chocolate bunny cakes and bunny imprinted cards, the Easter symbol can be found over the entire place. So, adorning a house with Easter bunny is a good option when Easter celebrations are underway. Given below are some Easter bunny decoration ideas that you can try out, while decorating your home this Easter.

Bunny Decoration Ideas For Easter

Bunny Ornaments
One of the most popular bunny items available during Easter comprises of bunny ornaments. Such ornaments can either be made from fabric or metal. Bunny ornaments figure in house decoration, shops décor as well as churches. Another way to be in sync with the bunny decoration would be to wear it as jewelry. Pendants and ear rings, shaped in the form of a bunny, hit the stores as soon as Easter approaches.

Cardboard Easter Bunny
Making bunny crafts out of cardboard tube is one of top activities, which people are largely involved in, when Easter draws closer. The bunny, thus prepared, can be used as a table centerpiece. In case, you have prepared small bunnies, they can be placed at various parts of the house. Another option would be to write the names of each of the family members on bunnies and attach them to the dining chair on which they sit, while having lunch/dinner.

Easter Bunny Stickers
Want to explore a bunny decoration that would be a little quicker to undertake? Decorate the house using bunny stickers. As Easter approaches, shops get filled with stuff that symbolize the festive occasion, of which bunny stickers are the most popular. Go ahead and buy some pretty stickers for your house. You can stick them on the doors, windows, mirrors and even on a gift wrap.

Easter Bunny Hangings
Another option would be to hang bunny decorations all around the house. For this, you can buy stuffed bunnies from the market or make them at home. Add a string at the top of the bunny and hang it from the ceiling. They would liven up the atmosphere and also add to the festive spirit.

Easter Bunny Baskets
Easter baskets are a good way to decorate a home. Add to it the 'bunny' effect and you will complete the festive spirit and celebratory mood. In the basket, add lots of small bunnies, along with bunny and egg-shaped chocolates and other yummy Easter goodies.