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Easter gift baskets can be filled with a variety of things according to the tastes and mood of individuals. One such option is the chocolate and candy Easter gift basket.

Easter Chocolate Gift Basket

Easter is a time to rejoice and remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter parades, Easter egg hunts and Easter gifts form a major part of Easter traditions. Amongst all the Easter gifts, presenting a cute Easter basket is one of the most exciting gifts. And when you know that the person is a chocolate lover, a chocolate gift basket can make his festival even more delicious and cherishing. Gone are those days when kids could be satisfied with a single chocolate Easter egg. Today, not just kids but even adults long for a mouthwatering selection of Easter chocolate gifts. Stack them in a decorative festive colored box-shaped container and line them with matching paper liners. Given here are some ideas for decorating an Easter chocolate gift basket. Read on to know them.

Easter Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas
  • Cute bunnies certainly are a must option while adding chocolates to a gift basket. You can find a variety of bunnies, such as a milk chocolate bunny, dark chocolate bunny, foil-wrapped chocolate chick, and chocolate pearl-filled carrot and so on.
  • Add on a box of your favorite handmade chocolates or a tray of champagne truffles for a romantic chocolate Easter gift. Include luxurious hot chocolate, choco spread, gourmet biscuits and a traditional box of chocos.
  • You can also add extra thick chocolate egg filled around with yummy hand-decorated mini eggs with gorgeous fillings like sticky toffee. Add cocoa milk chocolate textured with cookies, crispies and chocolate chunks.
  • For a more succulent creation, add an exclusive variety of pecan and macadamia pralines, caramels and solid chocolate slabs.
  • For a lighter basket, you can opt from hot chocolate mix, miniature chocolate bars, chocolate kisses, chocolate coins, chocolate hearts and small molded chocolate items.
  • For a different look, try out decorating chocolate baskets with chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate cookies, chocolate chips and chocolate covered raisins. You can also use chocolate sauces, toppings or samples of chocolate gourmet items.
  • Create an assorted chocolate gift basket by adding substitutes to chocolates like peanut butter, coffee or vanilla.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries, apricots or chocolate dipped nuts, dried coconut, powdered sugar and crisped rice are yet another interesting addition to a gourmet chocolate gift basket.
  • Add a bag full of cocoa beans to let the basket expose a mesmerizing aroma to enthrall any chocolate lover.
  • Complement your chocolate baskets with chocolate scented candles to end the festival on an elegant note.