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Wondering what to give as gift to your toddler this Easter? Go through the article to get some Easter gift ideas for babies.

Easter Gifts For Toddlers

The holy festival of Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus and the onset of the spring season. While the adults celebrate the day to mark the glory and sacredness of Jesus Christ, His teachings and His sufferings; for the young ones, Easter is synonymous to fun and merriment. They hardly understand the symbolism associated with the day. For the toddlers especially, Easter is just a celebration time when the whole family gathers and makes merry. They await the day, as it brings with it colorful eggs, egg-hunting games, great food, a vibrant atmosphere, a festive spirit and, most of all, gifts. In the following lines, we have listed a few gift ideas that you can resort to, while giving Easter gifts to your toddlers and babies.

Easter Gift Ideas For Babies
  • Instead of gifting the usual bunnies on Easter, you can get a Jack-in-the-box, featuring a bunny or a large, stuffed rabbit. Since soft toys are soft and cuddly, toddlers love to play with them.
  • You can find baby blankets available in all shapes and sizes. As an Easter gift, go for a blanket that will perfectly fit in the occasion, such as one with duck, lamb, little chick or bunny printed on it.
  • Get Easter themed apparel pieces for babies, tots and toddlers. You can choose from personalized T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim overalls, pajamas, night shirts, rompers, long johns, ruffled diaper covers and more.
  • Decorate an Easter basket with toddler-safe treats, such as cheerios, animal crackers and small toys. Small toys can be chosen from toy cars, crayons, stickers and playing clay. As for adding sweet treats, mini chocolates and bars are simply perfect.
  • How about spending some time with your little one narrating the stories in the books? Buy some series of Easter-themed board books, allowing your toddler to easily flip through.
  • Young ones love to play with bouncy balls. And Easter is the perfect occasion for gifting an Easter bunny bouncy ball. Get a pastel colored ball or one containing a bunny inside the ball. Make sure that you choose a large ball so that the baby does not swallow it.
  • Toddlers love to do artwork and show their creativity at this age. Get a small pack of crayons and an Easter-themed coloring book. Look for washable crayons to cleanup the mess easily.
  • Get a pair of bunny ears that your toddler can wear during the Easter egg hunt. He will love to adorn himself with these whimsical ears. Be sure to capture that precious memory on film.
  • You can give colorful mugs that have bunny faces and a fluffy bunny tail with a carrot handle. Though they are available in numerous colors, go for blue, pink, purple or yellow that signify toddler-hood.