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Of the numerous Easter gift ideas, personalized Easter baskets are the most sought after gifts.

Personalized Easter Baskets

A springtime festival, Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the central religious feast observed by Christians all across the world. The festival marks the rebirth of Jesus and the renewal of the Christian faith. Bunnies, Easter eggs, parades, egg hunts, baskets, candies, jelly beans are marshmallows are the main elements of Easter and have become a standard part of the holy holiday. Presenting friends and acquaintances with gift baskets have become a common tradition on this day. Traditionally, gift baskets are filled with assorted stuff related to Easter, such as stuffed bunnies, chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs, candies, jelly beans, and so on. As per a person's taste, these baskets can be decorated with different themes. Go ahead and spill out your imagination for decorating gift baskets. Given here are some ideas for decorating Easter gift baskets.

Personalized Easter Baskets Ideas

For Toddlers
Young minds always look forward to fun and merriment. Hence, you can make creative Easter baskets for toddlers. Add colorful molding clay or fill the basket with toys, such as bath toys, sand toys or character toys like Bob the Builder, Noddy, Pokemon, and so on. You can also include big crayons, toddler coloring book, storybooks, wooden key ring, animal crackers, cookies, puzzles and activity books.

For Kids
Opt from paints, colored pencils, stickers, coloring books, plants, bird feeder kits, or gift certificates from the local burger or pizza parlors for making gift baskets for young kids. Add on temporary tattoos, fake fairy dust, flower seed packets, marzipan treats, marzipan bunnies, hot cross buns, bunny shaped cookies and candles. For girls, add in fake jewelry and lip balms, while for boys, basketballs, tennis rackets and cricket cards would be fine. In case the kid is a music lover, place a small musical instrument filled with lots of candies.

For Adults
Adults look out for Easter as a time to celebrate with friends and family. Get coffee hampers consisting of coffee packets, coffee syrups, sugars, gourmet coffee stirrers and coffee mugs. For tea lovers, place some loose tea in a decorative bag and set it in a tea cup and saucer, along with a tea ball and fancy sugar cubes. For ladies, fill the Easter basket with assorted creams, lotions, bath soaps and candles. For men, place cigars surrounded with other goodies or books on sports. Add gourmet cheeses, olives, summer sausage and beverages. While gifting couples, use heart-shaped candles, candies and perfumes. Entice your love interest with assorted chocolates and wine bottles nicely placed in the Easter basket.