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Are you looking for some gift ideas for kids this Easter? Go through the article to know what to give as gifts to children.

Easter Gifts For Children

Easter is the perfect occasion to indulge in celebrations with your family and friends and have lots of fun. Not only does it symbolize the resurrection of Jesus, but the onset of spring as well. Festive moods is seen everywhere - the churches are decorated with flowers, houses are adorned with eggs and bunnies and the shops and streets are wonderfully decked with ornaments. When the festive spirit fills the whole atmosphere, the most thrilled of all are the young kids. Celebration for them means fun and merriment. Easter brings along with it a season for the kids to play their favorite egg hunt games and enjoy the delicious chocolate eggs. At the same time, they receive a lot of gifts around the festival. If you are looking for ideas on Easter gifts for children, you can choose from the options given below.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

Easter Stuffed Animals
The Easter bunny is a great hit among kids on the holy festival of Easter. Available in various sizes, colors and materials, you can choose different stuffed toys, apart from the standard bunny. You can opt for stuffed kittens, puppies and teddies as well.

Easter Activity Books Glance through different shops, supermarkets or even news agents to find activity books related to Easter or Christianity. You will find a large variety of activity books filled with crossword puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, riddles and spot-the-difference pages that will keep kids engaged in. These would make a great idea to gift kids on Easter!

Personalized T-Shirts, Mugs & Stickers
Go a little funky by presenting Easter-themed personalized T-shirts, mugs and stickers. You can get them at the store or order them online. Surf through websites for ideas. Gift these personalized gifts to kids and see the glow on their faces when they find their names or images printed on T-shirts, mugs or stickers.

Easter Religious Gift Baskets
Since Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, presenting religious gift baskets would be quite a meaningful idea. Let the kids know the true meaning of Easter by giving them gift baskets containing religious items, such as children's bible, junior Christian story books, wooden crosses and little blessing books. You can also read out some books to the kids and tell them about Christ's sacrifice for mankind.

Trinket-Filled Eggs
Easter egg hunt is a tradition that most kids anticipate each year. Fill the Easter baskets with colorful, plastic Easter eggs containing small toys. Children would be surprised and excited to find trinkets, such as erasers, love stickers, rings, hair clips, temporary tattoos, whistles and other small playthings. You can also add nuts, cheerios, raisins, dry fruits, jelly beans and miniature chocolates for a sweet treat.