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Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. Resurrection of Jesus Christ forms the main theme of the Easter Holiday.The Western Easter day, which is also known as the Easter Sunday will be celebrated on March 31, 2015.

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Easter is celebrated to memorialize the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death three days after he was crucified and tortured on Good Friday. It is a Christian holiday and falls in springtime, marking the end of the Lent season. Easter is one of the most important and holiest holidays in the Christian almanac. Chocolate bunnies, magnificent marshmallow chicks, lilies and brilliantly colored Easter eggs are closely associated with Easter. Most of the traditions and customs associated with Easter have their origin in the pagan traditions. Lent season is, in fact, forty-six-days long starting from Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter. The six Sundays falling under this period are not considered a part of Lent. Thus, though fasts are observed in this season, Sundays are excluded from the fast period as they are considered to be a commemoration of Easter Sunday.

From the religious point of view, this season is considered very significant. People prepare and sanitize themselves for the Holy Easter. The Holy Week, which is the last week of the Lent, opens with the celebration of Palm Sunday. This is called Palm Sunday because on this day Jesus Christ succeeded in entering Jerusalem, where people welcomed him by laying palms at his feet. This week consists of many important events that lead up to Easter. Holy Thursday is yet another important event, commemorating the Last Supper, where the Christ prophesized his end and his resurrection. It is followed by the Good Friday, which symbolizes the day of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Finally the holy week ends with Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Jesus Christ which signifies the return of happiness, mercy and compassion into the world.

Easter Calendar 2015
March 31, 2015 - Easter Sunday (Western)